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As an aspiring artist, don’t you have concerns involving storage of your work, opportunities to publicize your works, and selling and promoting your art?
At BAZART, we offer a variety of support to artists so you can focus on creating your work.

BAZARTはアートの市場 Bazart is a market of art
EXHIBIT ARTWORKS SIGN UP Pre-registration (outside Japan)
  • 1. Sales Opportunities Unique to Online Services

    Sales can be done between clients not only in Japan but to clients overseas.

  • 2. Selling Artwork Has Never Been Easier

    BAZART will handle all shipping and sales management.

  • 3. Leave the Promotion to Us

    We will periodically host a "SENSE EXHIBITION " to promote your masterpieces.

    *SENSE EXHIBITION is an exhibition event where we will have famous celebrities be a curator and select several works registered on BAZART.

  • 4. Perfect for Storing Your Artwork

    We store all artwork in a warehouse that monitors and controls temperature and humidity to protect your artwork.

    *Limited to those enrolled in the Storage Plan.

EXHIBIT ARTWORKS SIGN UP Pre-registration (outside Japan)